Work From Home Nursing Jobs Singapore

Work From Home Nursing Jobs Singapore

Working from Home

People are jumping into the bandwagon of working from home. Nurses aren’t an exception. The advances in healthcare technology and the patients’ need for extended medical care, help nurses build their career while telecommuting. Working from home, especially if you’re Singaporean, saves you hours of travelling each day and lets you escape the irregular work schedule in the medical and clinical set up. Usually, working hours are flexible so you need to manage your time well, to be able to meet your deadlines, or when you need to virtually meet your group. Dressing up only becomes an option too. Compensation packages for these jobs vary, as some nurses are paid in a monthly basis and some by the hour.

What Virtual Jobs can Nurses do?

Several virtual opportunities are actually up for grabs especially to registered nurses with the necessary experience. Industries like the pharmaceutical, medical product manufacturing and insurance processing need work at home nursing services.

• Nurse Case Manager. Any man or woman in this job provides medical support for a patient over the phone or thru email, work with other hands-on nurses to create nursing plans, while at the same time handling the management of the patient’s schedule, appointments and medical options for his/her case.

• Medical Coder: The job suits nurses with some knowledge in IT. Nurses in this capacity transform medical transcriptions, diagnoses or reports into universal codes.

• Medical transcriptionist: They transfer dictated medical reports or procedures into text, for documentation and reference.

• Legal Nurse Consultant: Nurses in this position provide support to lawyers in interpreting medical records, and serves as the go to person of law firms when it comes to issues related to health or the healthcare system.

• Telehealth nurse: Telehealth nurses take and make calls to assist their patients’ conditions, before sending them over to the correct healthcare services provider.

• Writer/Blogger: A nurse with a flair for writing will do well in this position, providing fresh content or making reviews for any company that may need his/her service.

Work from Home Nursing jobs Singapore agency

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