Senior Care Singapore

Senior Care Singapore


Caring for seniors is a demanding task. As people age, physiological and psychological changes occur. Their mobility slows down, their senses become impaired and they may develop dementia. They have special needs and need constant supervision, which can be stressful and challenging. Before this happens, seek the services of an experienced caregiver for the elderly, to support you.

Elderly care is a broad term, which includes a wide array of services like hospice care, home care, residential care, assisted living and adult day care, which are offered by different centres. However, a lot of elderly patients prefer to live at the comforts of their homes.

What Caregivers offer

Caregivers are more than just healthcare workers you hire for your family. They’re people who can make a difference in the life of your senior friend, spouse or loved one, by providing care that is tailored to his condition. Caregivers use an integrated approach to address the patient’s physical and emotional health.

Working hand in hand with physicians, nurses and caregivers create nursing plans and monitor the progress of the patient. The senior care Singapore services they provide range from personal assistance (activities of daily living), wound care, vitals monitoring and administration of doctor prescribed medicines. Meals preparation, light housekeeping may be included in the list of tasks. Whether the patient owns a car or not, caregivers can act as medical escort to and from the hospital for check-ups. They encourage patients to attend community based rehabilitation programs, social events or any other indoor or outdoor activity to increase his socialization and decrease chances of becoming depressed. They can help with physical therapy, for those with problems in mobility too.

The best Senior Care Singapore service

The work of a caregiver is highly varied; therefore you must search for someone flexible enough to handle it.

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