School Nurse Singapore

School Nurse Singapore

School Nurse: An Overview

In the national or international level, school nurses are becoming a valuable addition to a school setting and is becoming a career choice worth your time. Nurses are the main healthcare representatives in schools. They practice their profession in order to promote “well-being, lifelong achievement and academic success” of the students, according to NASN. In view of promoting public, pediatric and mental health, school nurses focus on the educational clinic setting. More and more schools are now looking into hiring school nurse Singapore services to be the forefront in providing healthcare services to their educational community.

School Nurses to provide Healthcare services

When a school physician is present, the school nurse work hand in hand with him/her. It’s the duty of any school nurse Singapore provider to care for students well-being throughout the days and administer vaccines or other nursing procedures as needed. Their role incorporates the provision of health education applicable to school or home, and are in charge of crafting and implementing various program to promote a healthy school environment, often collaborating with physicians and outside healthcare service providers. A large part of their job entails is to assess and monitor children’s health, address special needs , as well as act as counselors- advice parents, staff or the student itself to address current health problems and prevent new ones from coming. Providing up to date knowledge and school nurse Singapore services is essential, so they do constant research.

Why is it important and why choose us?

Learning is largely affected by health. A healthy child can learn more. With the presence of a school nurse Singapore service provider in your school, the students have bigger chances of reaching their full academic potential. You have to make sure you find one which has the right skills, qualifications and training though. They have to be caring, patient and able to deal with children too.

Which is why we’re here. We’re a school nurse Singapore agency which caters to your school’s need for school nurses. Let us know what you need, and we’ll look into our pool of post degree holder and registered nurses, or do a wide search, so we could bring you back what, or rather, who you need. We’re a big proponent for quality, and we make sure that your new school nurse is able to do the tasks in your job description, by letting her view her responsibilities and give an overview of your school, including expectations before she sign any form, log or employment documents. Our service also helps school nurses themselves, who are searching for school nurse Singapore jobs.

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