Renal Nursing Singapore

Renal Nursing Singapore

What is Renal Nursing?

Renal, or Nephrology nursing has seen a growth in practice since the 1970’s. ERSD (End stage kidney disease) became the only disability caused by disease to be funded by the federal government by then.

Renal Nursing refers to the care of all patients, regardless of age, who are suffering or vulnerable to kidney failures or issues. This clinical nursing practice has si nce become a specialty. A renal unit is set-up at every healthcare facility to cater with patient needs, with the goal of extending life-span while still being able to do their daily duties as individual. All over news, we hear about people undergoing various kidney problem treatments.

How Renal Nursing Singapore helps

Patients with chronic kidney diseases need special care. From health assessment to undergoing medical treatments such as dialysis, a renal nursing Singapore nurse is the best person to assist you. They work in various settings like a hospital or a patient’s home. Renal Nursing Singapore practice involves in-patient to out-patient overall management, reseach and care. Some patients may have a number of accompanying diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and bone diseases and even psychological issues, making treatment a complicated process. Hiring professional renal nursing Singapore services help you manage your life while being able to address your health concerns. They educate you with your disease, help you practice a healthy life and provide medical support through the use of nursin g practices during the whole course of treatment and dialysis to cleanse the blood.

Renal nurses may be hired short-term of long-term. They may be on-call during day. While their main job is to oversee your well-being and develop tailored treatment plans, they can also act as companion when you go to events.

Searching for Renal Nurses

The search process may consume days and even weeks. So, we take that burden off you. We have a large database of experienced and ready to work renal nurses with the necessary education. The new nurses we find undergo full training courses and program aimed at developing their skills, while advancing their knowledge on the field. Before being deployed for work, they are briefed as to their responsibilities and client expectations. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with our service, and we welcome feedbacks always!

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