Psychiatric Nursing Singapore

Psychiatric Nursing Singapore


Any mental or psychiatric problem is as traumatic as a physical disorder. Generally, this f act is difficult to realise as psychiatric patients appear in good health physically. Psychiatric nursing Singapore is a branch of medical science through which these patients are helped to cope with their mental condition in the center of community setting. The most challenging factor that psychiatric nurses have to deal with is the stigma associated with a psych iatrically ill pati ent.

Care with compassion

It is a mammoth task to manage patients treatment programs who have lost their mental sanity due to some or other post medical condition. A huge amount of compassion is required to deliver optimal care for such patients. Psychiatric nursing Singapore delivers care for patients who suffer from disorders like-
• Anxiety related- Few examples are all kinds of phobias or any panic disorders.
• Psychotic problems like schizophrenia
• Mood problems like bipolar disorder or even depression
• Any kind of addiction or drug abuse
• Disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

The difficulty in delivering care increases with severity of the disorder. One may even encounter some life-threatening situations posed by a highly upset mental patient.

Responsibilities of a psychiatric nurse in Singapore

Psychiatric nurses have numerous responsibilities which start from the collection of elaborate history of the patients to sessions of supportive counselling to the patients and their family members. Only nurses with compassion can tackle the inevitable odds that one encounters during dealing with mentally ill patients. Strong communication skills are one of the most important abilities a psychiatric nurse should possess because one has to bend down to their level to understand them better and treat them better subsequently.


If you want to pursue with psychiatric nursing Singapore as a career, search for a nursing school that is authentic and holds a good reputation. A four year degrees course needs to be completed to be awarded with a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and become a registered nurse. Those students who aspire to practice as a nursing practitioner have to register themselves for master degree after becoming registered nurses and study as a student for another two to five years. You can always find ample information regarding nursing school online.

Through such new advanced education program, these psychiatric nurses are given complete clinical training to work with psychiatric patients with the right attitude. Due to their hard work, the staffs of psychiatric nursing Singapore have been fortunate enough to help the mentally ill patients lead a normal life after complete recovery from their mental disorders.

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