Psychiatric Nursing Jobs Singapore

Psychiatric Nursing Jobs Singapore


Psychiatric illness and cases are inevitable in a population. Each year, a percentage of the population are diagnosed with mental illnesses and these new cases should be referred to a hospital for appropriate care and services by a Psychiatrist (specialty related to doctors who wants to treat psych patient) and the working professional staff such as the registered nurse for example.

Interested parties who want to learn and be a part of the service for caring these kinds of people must know the various cases (such as schizophrenia). They must find time and a lot of patience for them.


In order to join the band of psychiatric nursing work or job force, a student nurse must be able to finish the 4 year nursing education program. After which, they need to pass the licensure exam by Singapore Nursing Board (SNB). If passed, they can already register and work as a nurse.

Job Outlook

Psychiatric nursing is a very limited specialization. Not all cities or location around the world have psychiatric unit or private home psychiatric care. However, employers are in the search for nurses with this kind of specialty career with an alluring salary and health benefits. As the population also increase, health company and community hospitals also find the need to act and show care for those who are mentally-ill. Thus, they view psychiatric jobs to be as important as other specialty units like ICU, Delivery Room for example.

For those who are interested to be in this kind of job, employers will usually post their job vacancy placement over the internet such as for example. On your part as a nurse, you need to sign up then submit or post your CV for them to review it. The date of deadline should also be noted in advanced. You can also email it directly to their Human Resources department. They will do reviews with the qualified nurses. Then they will undergo days to months of initial training for them to grasp the protocols and system of the hospital.

Duties in hospitals are usually 8 hours a day. They will learn how to take care of certain patients with a certain mental illness. They will also submerge themselves to various medicines and other medical procedures to treat these patients.


Overall, psychiatric nursing is a good prospective and a good specialty among nurses aspiring to specialize. It is a great achievement to see patients heal because of your help into the healthcare team.

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