Private Nursing Singapore

Private Nursing Singapore

Private Nursing : An Overview

Private nursing in Singapore comprises of medical care and services imparted to individual patients by a registered or licensed nurse on a one-on-one basis. Such individual caring nursing jobs are also referred to as ‘Private Duty Nursing’. Additionally, private nursing care in Singapore is not limited to the hospital or nursing home set-ups alone, but a client or patient can also benefit from such support services at his/her home. In view of this, since private nursing in Singapore is a one-on-one care service, the nurse, patient, and the patient’s family are in contact on a daily basis. As a result, the private duty nurse plays a pivotal role in the management of the patient’s needs as well as in catering to the anxieties and queries of the family.

Who needs private nursing in Singapore?

In Singapore, private nursing care services are indicated for patients who have to stay longer at the hospital or for those battling the last stage of their illness requiring hospice care. Generally, patients with chronic medical conditions or procedures that require special care need to employ the services of private duty nurses. For instance, Post-operative patients, or patients with traumatic head injuries who may have a tracheostomy tube, gastrostomy tube, or those on ventilatory support are likely to need the care and support of a private nurse. Also, clients in the geriatric age group with health impairments and children with long-standing illnesses such as cerebral palsy that call for day and night observation also require private nursing care services in Singapore, in addition of own form of caregivers.

Who can provide private nursing in Singapore?

Nursing is an important aspect of healthcare that requires a high level of personal care and quality service. Hence, Under the Nurses and Midwives Act, only nurses registered with the Singapore Nursing Board and those in possession of Practicing Certificate can work in hospitals and other healthcare services in Singapore. So, before you recruit a new private nurse for your loved one, check his/her credentials and certifications before you use the service. It is extremely important to check and ensure that your nursing agency is licensed by Ministry of Manpower as Accredited Employment Agency. You may also call a nursing agency like Nicole Consultancy Pte Ltd (Employment Agency License No: 04C5653) at 62215262 or visit us now at to recruit a qualified private nurse or a team of professional private nurses to take care of patient needs, or speak to the hospital staff for help after receiving news of patient diagnosis.