Private Duty Nursing Singapore

Private Duty Nursing Singapore


When our loved ones are battling with some serious chronic medical condition, our services may just not suffice their medical needs.

Private duty Nursing Singapore can be of great help resources in such situations. Through their services, our loved ones can enjoy a healthy life at the comfort of their cosy home instead of a tedious community hospital stay. Highly trained and qualified registered nurses are the ones who deliver health care through private duty nursing. Those who have received professional education and have chosen nursing as their careers are the ones who provide this type of specialised medical care on a one-to-one basis to the patients or clients.

Duties of Private Duty Nurse

Few of the job duties performed by a private duty nurse are listed below-

• To make sure that the patient takes the right medicines at the right time. Generally, they fill the pill boxes according to the hour at which the drug has to be taken in a day. Automatic machines use for medicine dispensing are set by these nurses so that the patient never misses his dose.

• Another important clinical duty of a private duty nurse is to administer medicines that can be topical or oral. The usual drugs that are required to be handled are eye-drops, eardrops, nasal drops, various ointments, IV (intravenous) or IM (intramuscular) injections and nebulizers. A skilled nurse has the flair to administer medicines for uncooperative patients like pediatric patients or child.

• Service related to maintenance of personal hygiene like trimming of nails is also one of the various responsibilities of a private duty nursing professional.

• The reports of blood tests need to be understood and the related prescription or dose adjustments need to be carried out correctly. Here is when priv ate duty nursing Singapore can get you some serious help as these trained nurses assist the patients in interpreting the news reports, search post and adjust the doses accordingly.

• Another feature of these private nurses are that they provide appropriate education to the family members of the patients so that they are prepared to deliver basic healthcare to their loved one should the need arise.

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Private duty nursing Singapore has help available according to individual choices. For instance, the nurses can visit location or work and pay on an hourly basis, weekly basis or just during the evening hours or 24/7 depending on the new time plan you set for them.

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