Private Duty Nursing Jobs Singapore

Private Duty Nursing Jobs Singapore

What is Private Duty Nursing?

All over the news, we hear of nurses working privately for certain individuals like celebrities, politicians or elderly people. We call them Private Duty Nurses. They are Registered Nurses(RN) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) who provide nursing or caregiving services to someone who prefer to recuperate or live their remaining days in familiar surroundings like home. Some of them work in hospitals still, but focused on one patient, which could either be a child or an aged person. Others have been hired to assist people who need extended care.

Duties of a PDN

Although they may accompany a patient to a hospital and back, travelling by car, most of their routine can be done at home. A PDN’s role is to provide one-on-one quality and tailored nursing service. They are in charged of monitoring the patient’s health, recording changes in vital statistics, then work hand in hand with physicians, specialists and other healthcare personnel to create nursing care plans. It’s their job to ensure that their patient is taking in medicines as prescribed, report any health concerns and educate the patient about his/her illness. On emergencies, a Private Duty Nurse can provide medical assistance. His or her employment can be short or long-term, depending on the need.

How to be a Private Duty Nurse

First, a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing is required. Next, earn your license by passing the Nursing board exam. You should have a state license. Become a Registered Nurse, before embarking on your journey to get ample nursing related experience.

Search for Private Duty Nursing Jobs Singapore

We have several new Private Duty Nursing Jobs Singapore openings, for those capable and willing to venture into this career. Whether you’ll be hired by a company (inc) or an individual patient, rest assured you’ll have good employment and salary, because we value our staff well. We give log sheets once hired, so you can track your time and contract for you to sign. Our agency also provides necessary resources to review, while waiting for your application to be processed. View our job openings at or check directory WL - WebLinks Directory and you may find one post that suits you best.

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