Perioperative Nursing Singapore

Perioperative Nursing Singapore


Perioperative nursing is a branch of nursing that involves specialised nursing care for patients undergoing operative or invasive procedures. Such perioperative nursing care in Singapore that includes both surgical and medical patient support is entirely provided by registered nurses trained and experienced in this specialised field. Perioperative nurses in work closely with the surgeons, anaesthesiologists, surgical technicians, and nurses. In Singapore, the job of a perioperative nurse is held in high regard and requires further professional education in surgery and a strong clinical knowledge.

Role of Perioperative Nursing in Singapore

Perioperative nurses are valuable resources in the health sector today, especially as the field of surgery undergoes constant evolution to advance further with new scientific research. The main role of a perioperative nurse is to provide pre, intra, and postoperative care particularly within the operating room. These jobs may include stress test evaluations, vascular and car diac monitoring, overall health assessment, clinical examinations in clinic , and some minor invasive procedures in day surgery center. A perioperative nurse in Singapore may hold different tittles according to the nature of the jobs assigned to him/her such as, circulating or scout nurse, scrub or instrument nurse, pre-operative nurse, or recovery nurse. While a circulating nurse provides nursing support during surgery, a scrub nurse’s job mainly includes managing and handling the sterile operating instruments during surgery. The preoperative and recovery nurses are assigned jobs related to pre-surgery patient preparation and post surgery recovery respectively.

Perioperative Nursing Education in Singapore

To work as a perioperative nurse in Singapore a registered nurse has to undergo additional education and certification or diploma program in surgery apart from the conventional nursing course. Various nursing school offer advanced diploma programs in perioperative nursing in Singapore. These courses are often accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board. Additionally, the Singapore government also provides subsidies on the tuition fees of perioperative nursing courses to Singaporean citizens and PR holders to help the students financially. It is always prud ent to check the accreditations of any such course before one register for it during your search.

Career scope for perioperative nursing in Singapore

A periop erative nurse in Singapore has excellent career scope with several opportunities in healthcare. Additionally, perioperative nurses may also consider further education and advanced training to work as Registered Nurse First Assistants or RNFA. The RNFA nurses perform a more specialized job by working as the surgeons’ assistants. Their duties may include pre-operative and post-operative preparations, as well as some surgical procedures like prepping of the patient, maintenance of haemostasis, knot tying, use of cautery, closing the tissue layers, fixation of the implants, dressing, casts, and splints etc.

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