Pediatric Nursing Singapore

Pediatric Nursing Singapore


Children are the future resources of the world! Pediatric Nursing Singapore believes in taking care of these rising stars to ensure that we have a healthy generation ahead. This branch of science got its name from the Greek word ‘Pedia’ which means ‘child’. Child care is no child’s play as it demands high level of expertise and lots of patience.

Care provided by a pediatric nurse Singapore

Pediatric nurses provide their services in almost every health care institution like hospitals, nursing home, clinics or private practice. They provide assistance to doctors in rendering medical care to children who are ill. Pediatric nurses explain the treatment procedures to the parents and help them learn to better understand the condition of their child.

Qualities that a pediatric nurse should have

One of the most important skills a pediatric nurse Singapore should have is pure affection for children. Sick children may pose several difficulties as they become uncooperative during the act of administration of vaccinations or any other injections. Only an affectionate yet professional pediatric nurse can tackle such situations with patience so that the child patient is afflicted with minimal mental trauma. Good communication skills also take a major role in efficient management of the pediatric patients. It is extremely difficult to win the confidence of our little patients. Kids confide to only those people whom they feel comfortable with.

Qualifications required

Once new stud ent completes his/her degree course or program from any authentic nursing school, he/she needs to get registered with the Singapore Nursing Board in national state. After becoming registered nurses, the students need to enrol into special courses or programs that provide advanced education, certification and special training in clinical management of pediatric patients if he/she is interested in pursuing with pediatric nursing research as a career. As a matter of fact, for a pediatric nurse speciality practitioner, they will find that the chance of procuring jobs with high salary increases with the years of work experience.

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