Part Time Nursing Jobs Singapore

Part Time Nursing Jobs Singapore


Nursing jobs are one of the most in demand professions or career in the world right now. WHO or World Health Organization estimates a lot of demand for nurses in the upcoming years as a lot of old nurses will soon retire in their practice. A lot of agency are looking for full-time or par-time registered nurses in Singapore to render their full time support and service to the patients with various location such as at home, clinic or hospital.


People working in the health care services must be licensed in order to protect the patient. First, they must be enrolled in the nursing school. After finishing thousands of hours and days in the healthcare training school, they need to pass the exam or Singapore Nursing Board. After passing, they can already register and get their license. After that, they can already find time to search and view new nursing related career in websites and pass their resume.

Part-time Jobs

There are a few part-time jobs in the internet for nursing staff with average salary. Usually the permanent jobs have higher salary and better benefits compared to part-time jobs. Usually, nursing homes has part-time slots for nurses who want to get a job in a specific day or schedule. Nursing assistant or enrolled nurses are also in demand in these areas as a lot of older people needs medical assistance. To sign for these jobs, nurses need to log into the website, register then apply. There are lots of part-time jobs for nurses not only in the medical field but also in other industries not related to health. These jobs usually require a Bachelor’s degree. Examples of these industries are BPO, media, retail, electronics, construction, and so on and so forth.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of part-time jobs include having an extra income and doing still what you love. Disadvantages include, salary is lower and there are no other benefits unlike those who are employed full time in such companies.


A work nurse can also email the companies directly if they are interested in such jobs. This is not ltd to their post in websites (such as but also to newspapers and other media. Part-time nursing jobs are vast with lots of options and perks. If you have a full time job who also needs a part- time job, better start looking at job career sites as these websites are a one-stop place for all of these related jobs.

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