Palliative Care Nursing Singapore

Palliative Care Nursing Singapore

A holistic Approach

Palliative Care Nursing Singapore is based on the principle of bettering the quality of life of those patients who have been diagnosed with ailments that cannot be cured or are at their terminal stages. This care focuses on the life of the family members of the patients as well. They are counselled to grow supportive and stand as a pillar for their dear ones, upon receiving news of the ill ness. They are prepared psychologically to accept the loss of their loved ones as a reality of life and not as a loss to the ailment.

Holistic approach

The prime focus is on the enhancement of the quality of life and not the quantity. This is a type of support care that helps the patient get relief from intense pain and prevents the worsening of the condition. Hence, palliative care cannot prepone or postpone death by age but helps the patient reach the end of his life as a part of natural process.

Hospice movement

The idea of hospice care had originated in the United States at least 25 years back. Since then hospice movement had flourished almost in every part of the globe and has developed to be a fully established national profession in Singapore. The nurses who use hospice care are trained to provide treatment and relief from symptoms of the terminal illnesses by attending the patients at their respective home and not in a hospital setup. This provides the patients with emotional comfort, physical relaxation and psychological strength as they are with their family members or relative even as they breathe their last breath.

Multidisciplinary in nature

Palliative Care Nursing Singapore or hospice nursing care requires a multidisciplinary approach as doctors, nurses, health workers and various other medical professionals work together in collaboration to fulfil these common vital social responsibilities.

Certification for eligibility

To practice palliative or hospice nursing care, one has to receive accreditations content by completing the specific associate education, bachelor’s or master level course and become registered nurses subsequently. A palliative care student nurse requires approval from the medical board before commencing with the practice in clinical form.

Thanks to our advanced medical technology, you can always access any information pertaining to palliative management through online research. The students who aspire to become a palliative or hospice nurse can contact the nursing schools and learn more about the certificate program and courses pertaining to Palliative Nursing Care Singapore.

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