Paediatric Nursing Jobs Singapore

Paediatric Nursing Jobs Singapore


Like adult patients, paediatric patients or children are also clienteles of every hospital or health institution. The age group covers ages from birth up to a child who is 18 years old. In fact, there are lots of specialty hospitals working with patients who are exclusively for children. In Singapore, there is the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. This hospital both caters to women and children in the country of Singapore. Their support and service are excellent for the community who are looking for quality healthcare and staff who are bright and with long experience handling care for such old and new cases.


Aspiring nurses who want to take care of pediatric patients as their lifetime career must finish their Bachelor’s degree in nursing before they can look for a job or work for these kinds of institution. Then, they need to pass the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) exam before joining the bandwagon of registered nurses. In general, fresh graduates are placed in the unit or ward so they can absorb and know the process and services they need to do and offer for their patient.

Job Prospect

Since a lot of locations are being used to build hospitals, employers are always on the look for nurses who want to be a part of the pediatric jobs. Employers usually post their job vacancies among websites together with the salary, time or days of work, and other health benefits. A nurse can view this post in job search engines such as for example. Next, they should register by making an account, log or sign in and then they can view, search or find pediatric nursing jobs in the search engine. The nurse can also directly email the hospital if they wish to or come personally to the human resources department to schedule an appointment or interview date.

Careers in pediatric nursing are always in demand because there are lot of children around the world or in a certain country. Whether at home or work, day or night, there will be children who will be born and will need a medical attention. This is an opportunity for nurses to serve humanity by serving children and taking care of them.


Careers in pediatric nursing are increasing. It is a great specialty but also needs intensive training especially in dose-related medicine. This can be taught and be learned especially to fresh graduates. On the other hand, children needs special care. They are emotionally fragile and innocent so guidance is a must.

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