Otolaryngology Nursing Singapore

Otolaryngology Nursing Singapore


Otolaryngology nursing in Singapore is specialised nursing that focuses on head and neck diseases, especially the ears, nose, and throat. The field of otolaryngology is often also referred to as ENT or otorhinolaryngology considering the parts of the body it mainly covers. Healthcare professionals specializing in this field of medicine are referred to as ENT health experts. Otolaryngology nursing in Singapore involves professional nursing services to provide special medical care and support to adult and paediatric patients suffering from ear, nose, or throat disorders. The work of an otolaryngology nurse is highly specialised and demands in depth clinical knowledge of the ears, nose, and throat.

Job description of Otolaryngology nursing in Singapore

Otolaryngology nurses in Singapore are healthcare professionals who care specifically for patients with ear, nose, or throat diseases such as ear infections, allergies, laryngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, ENT cancers, sleep apnea, genetic or anatomical abnormalities in the ENT system, injuries or broken bones of the ENT, and similar medical conditions that maybe related to the organs around the ears, nose, and throat as well. An oto laryngology nurse is expected to possess information regarding ENT physical examination, diagnosis, use of the various instruments to view the internal structures of the ENT, clinical assessment of the patient, investigations, and treatment programs and medicines to treat patients with such diseases. Since ENT related illnesses are quite common in the younger age group as well; an otolaryngology nurse needs to possess information and knowledge about pediatric ENT medicine too. Additionally, knowledge and experience in ENT surgery is also important to be able to practice otolaryngology nursing in Singapore. Furthermore an otorhino laryngology nurse may also have to conduct home visits for bed-ridden or chronically ill patients. Apart from the clinical duties of an otorhinolaryngology nurse, he/she is expected to be abreast of the new developments, research, and news in the field. As the job of a nurse brings him/her in constant cont act with patients, good communication skills are a key requirement too.

Education in Otolaryngology nursing in Singapore

To practice and study Otolaryngology nursing in Singapore, a health care professional should possess a basic bachelor’s degree or diploma in nursing along with a valid registration with the Singapore Nursing Board. A registered nurse can pursue further education and get certifications in otolaryngology nursing from accredited healthcare educational institutions.

Career opportunities for Otolaryngology nursing in Singapore

Otolaryngology nursing in Singapore is a lucrative career option for registered nurses interested in ENT. Such certified and registered nurses are likely to find job opportunities in an ENT clinic, a hospital treating ENT patients, or with an ENT physician. Contact a nurse recruitment agency NicoleConsultancy.com is likely to make an otolaryngology nurse’s job search much simpler, as they possess the resources and data regarding hospitals and institutions with vacancies for the same.

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