Orthopaedic Nursing Singapore

Orthopaedic Nursing Singapore

Orthopaedic Nursing: Singapore Setting

Orthopaedic Nursing originated in Victorian England when Dame Agnes Hunt was crippled due to septic arthritis. Because of this, she devoted her nursing career to improve the lives of children, men and women who were crippled and injured by the war. Orthopaedic nurses in Singapore practice in hospitals and operating rooms. In the past few years, many orthopaedic units research have evolved and are currently caring for a patient population that is diverse impact.

Kinds of Orthopaedic Care

These settings cover all kinds of care – ranging from the birth of an individual until his death. Some of them even keep a record, article, news resources or international journal. Nurses, as a profession, specialize in this niche are also knowledgeable in acute care and intensive care as well as outpatient rehab and home care. In view of that, it is very important to know how nurses care for their patients especially those who have musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Orthopaedic nurses have the appropriate skills and training and degree program for any national orthopaedic specialty.

Roles of Orthopaedic Nurses

Orthopaedic nurses who receive certification and pass the board exam can be staff or head nurses. Some of them even venture out to be clinical nurse specialists and nurse managers. Others continue to be supervisors, coordinators, directors, nursing instructors, educators and administrators. Depending on the extensiveness of their training, some orthopaedic nurses can act as RN first assistants, nurse practitioners, researchers, case managers and office managers. The job they get depend on their courses training and education.

Where Orthopaedic Nurses Work

Orthopaedic nurses in Singapore have a wide range of post and places where they can practice what they last learned. You may spot an orthopaedic nurs e, even the new ones, in the hospital, in a nursing home, in a private home, in a specific industry, or in the school/universities. Their areas of practice also include operating rooms, pediatric ortho paedic units, pediatric medical/surgical units, gerontology units, rehabilitation units, home health agencies, universities and colleges of nursing, emergency departments, adult orthopaedic units, adult medical/surgical units, trauma units, rehabilitation units and home health agencies. As part of an orthopaedic nurse member, the opportunities of them to find work are so vast.

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