Ophthalmology Nursing Singapore

Ophthalmology Nursing Singapore


The practice of Ophthalmology Nursing Singapore focuses on eyes, examining them to determine underlying causes of current medical problems. While it’s a known fact that age is one determinant for ophthalmic health, there are other illnesses which are linked to it like diabetes. Ophthalmology nurses regularly do research to update their knowledge, especially on recognizing a symptom or sign of eye disorders.

To become a certified professional in the field, a diploma in a Nursing program is minimum education requirement, then to take a licensure examination. Passing it qualifies you to take on jobs as registered nurse, then work on a post in Ophthalmic nursing for years to get experience. Take the Ophthalmic nurse certification exam next. It’s encouraged that you register yourself to national and international organizations for ophthalmology nurses. These communities will be sources of news, help and advise you can use on your job any day.

Duties of an Ophthalmology Nurse

An ophthalmology nursing Singapore professional may render his/her services to either clinical, hospital, school or home setting. The main duty is to act as assistance to the ophthalmologist in the diagnoses, treatment, surgery and managem ent of each patient suffering from impairments of vision, dysfunctions or injuries across patients of all ages.

When a new patient comes in with an eye complain, the nurse and doctor will find its main cause and take action promptly. If there’s severe eye trauma, infection or damage, an ophthalmologist or ophthalmology nurse may suggest surgery. Pre-operative assessments and tool preparation will be conducted by the nurse. Post surgery, it’s also their responsibility to guide the patient with medication, hygiene and providing support to the family. To keep it more effective, patients can hire a private duty nurse.

Searching for an Ophthalmology Nurse

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