Oncology Nursing Singapore

Oncology Nursing Singapore


Oncology nursing in Singapore specifically deals with cancer patient. Lately, cancer has caught the interest of doctors, researchers, and laymen alike due to its growing incidence in the global population. Articles on cancer have been steadily making their way into the news, on the internet, and in scientific and research journal. Today medical science in relation to find cancer treatment programs has advanced much further to include everything from radiation and chemotherapy to surgery. This has greatly amplified the need for specially trained nurses in oncology. And so, the oncology nurses provide special care and support to cancer patients to help them live more comfortably.

Role of Oncology Nursing in Singapore

Oncology nursing in Singapore is a comparatively new area in nursing care services. Oncology nurses are responsible for providing health services and information to cancer patients as well as those who are at an increased risk of developing cancer in the near future. The most important job of oncology nursing in Singapore is to help cancer patients’ access appropriate treatm ent programs and the best possible health care facilities and support across different healthcare setups. This is mainly provided by the oncology nurses who work in close contact with the oncology specialists and other healthcare professionals to provide palliative therapy, radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical oncology to the cancer patients. Additionally, oncology nursing in Singapore also includes cancer prevention counselling and education, screening, early detection, genetic counselling for cancer, and general cancer awareness among the high risk groups. Since, oncology nursing in Singapore is an extremely broad and diverse field, registered nurses may also choose to focus on and practice in a particular area of their choice within oncology.

Oncology Nursing Education in Singapore

The job of an oncology nurse requires direct cont act with the cancer patients and their families, and so he/she needs to possess special skills and knowledge to service them efficiently. In addition to the basic nursing degree and registrations, a nurse requires supplementary certification in oncology nursing to practice as an oncology nurse in Singapore. One of these certif cate education program is the Specialist Diploma in Palliative Care Nursing. The National Cancer Centre in Singapore and various clinical and educational healthcare organisations together provide certificate degrees in Oncology nursing in Singapore. These certificate ons aim to expand the relatively small pool of oncology nursing service providers in the country.

Job opportunities for Oncology Nursing in Singapore

Oncology nurses in Singapore have excellent job scope with opportunities in palliative care clinics and healthcare setups for cancer patients. The scope for oncology nurses is tremendous in hospices, home healthcare, and in community and public health clinic, in addition to the conventional inpatient and outpatient care departments in cancer hospitals. Since, oncology is a constantly developing field; this area will perhaps see more opportunities and advancements for nursing care in Singapore in the near future.

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