Nursing Training Singapore

Nursing Training Singapore

What Nursing Training Singapore Programs Do Future Nurses Need?

Nurses help treat patients, educate them and their families about their medical condition, and perform basic medical tests and procedures. Since they have different positions and duties, they also have different nursing training Singapore requirements.

Training Depends on Nursing Career Path

Those who want to become a nurse and pursue a career in this medical field need more than just an inclination to work long hours in a clinical environment and a degree showing that you’ve completed a programme in college. As a healthcare professional, you have to apply what you learned from school as a student and take your education to the next level, combined with passion and genuine care for your patients.

Depending on what kind of patient you want to look after or what other health related activities you want to do, you have to train under various programmes to develop different skills in school. You can choose from several nursing courses and become the nurse you want to be – enrolled nurse or registered nurse. Registered nurses can pursue further education and take another course as well if they want to provide better health services.

What Basic Requirements Are Needed

According to Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH), an enrolled nurse needs at least ‘N’ levels. A registered nurse who wants a diploma in nursing needs ‘O’ levels; one who wants accelerated diploma in nursing needs at a diploma or degree; and another one who wants a degree in nursing has to complete at least ‘A’ levels.

Registered nurses may choose to pursue further education, such as advanced diploma/specialist diploma, a degree in nursing (post registration), and a master of nursing. However, the last one accepts only registered nurses with an advanced diploma and degree.

When you’re training to be a nurse, you’re not only learning science, time management, and research and development in grasping medical issues, but also the act of breathing through challenges as you provide a medical service in the clinic or hospital centre.

How Our Agency Can Help

Our biggest contribution to the nursing field is to support the students aspiring to be nurses in getting the training program they need and to connect them to future employers, who often look for stay at home care. Get the training and practice and we’d find the events for you that will lead you to the right employer.

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