Nursing Research Jobs Singapore

Nursing Research Jobs Singapore


Nursing research jobs like other nursing jobs provide an avenue for nurses to enhance their career and education by working hand in hand with the best clinical and medical staff to enhance science and research for better health compliance and management support. Healthcare institutions including hospital or clinic especially in Singapore are mostly working towards research-based medicine. Researchers find days to conduct assist in clinic, home care trials, review of data and publishing it to date accordingly.


Nursing research is a part of the nursing curriculum or education of a student nurse. Nursing students spend at least two semesters in nursing research. One semester for theoretical study and another semester for the application, that is the thesis. So a lot of hours are devoted to search for a topic, take part, and view if this will be an appealing thesis for the healthcare community for the benefit of the patient. After finishing and defending the thesis with success, a student nurse can now be confidently take research to the next level. Next step is passing the licensure exam for nurses. Once done, the new nurse can either look and work for a job or study masters further or take masters while working.

Nursing Research

In some hospitals, nursing research can be a part of the system for training and educating nurses. Usually a budget is given to conduct research and trial as long as the unit staff is approved by the Ethics Committee for their research. Other private companies that may employ nurses can be seen in the internet by sign in or doing searches about agencies that recruit nurses who want to enter these kinds of scientific inquiries and services. Usually, salary is high and may do post location studies not limited to hospital set-up.


One of the perks for research is travelling to other places while conducting research and meeting lots of people along the way. This in turn will add to knowledge, skills and experience for your growth and enhancement.


If research is all you want to do per day, then this is your passion. Email and log to websites about the possibilities for research positions. They will glad to assist and hire you for this kind of wonderful career.

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