Nursing Procedure Singapore

Nursing Procedure Singapore

Type of Nursing Procedure Singapore

1. Blood Taking
2. Reinsertion or Change of Nasogastic Tube
3. Wound Dressing
4. Male/ Female Urinary Catheterisation for Men/ Women
5. Subcutneous or Intramuscular Injection
6. Removal of Stitches and Staples
7. Ophthamic (Eye) Dressing
8. Stoma Care
9. Adminstration of I/V Antibiotics
10. Random Blood Glucose Check Hypocount
11. Blood Pressure Monitoring
12. Befriender Service

What are Private Nurses?

Nursing Procedure Singapore can only be carried-out by a qualified healthcare professional. It’s a meticulous process involving a series of steps. Private nurse are one of these professionals and there’re a lot of venues where their services are especially needed by every man and woman.

Home nursing is one. If you have a health condition but don’t want to be confined in a hospital, consider getting a private nurse to care for you. Nursing procedure Singapore can also be administered by private nurses in schools, in a clinical setting, in companies and even in hospitals.

They have the skills for specialized medical tasks drug/injection administration down to catheterisation and food tube insertion. Aside from that, private nurses craft treatment plans that suit best with client needs. They’ll be your main provider of medical support for your recovery or simply to help ease your pain while practice walking. You can arrange for them to be either stay-in or on-call, which could help you financially too. There’s no age limit as to when a patient could get a private nurse for homes.

Why choose our Agency?

Your health is our top priority, and we make sure all nursing procedure Singapore are carefully administered whether in the comforts of home, in school, company, clinic or a private hospital room. It’s for this reason our home nursing agency is here to satisfy your healthcare needs. We provide only the most qualified private nurse to our clients. Our nurses are given proper nursing procedure Singapore training, given access to manual, videos, books or other resources they can use. We make sure to search for any book, video, of the latest edition, with relevant content which will be a helpful read for each nurse.

Our system saves you time; we search for nurses on your behalf and we have a long list of qualified ones. The nurses we provide are of topnotch skill when it comes to nursing procedures Singapore administration, genuinely caring, trustworthy and most are already board-certified. We don’t skip any stage of the process, guidelines and does a thorough work of matching your needs with those of our nurses.

How nurses are helped by our service

It is also our joy to know our nurses are happy with their clients. As such, we give them enough briefing, profile of the client and a view of what they’ll be doing.

Nurses are encouraged to apply (on site walk-in or online form) and continue doing their duties as private nurses. We recognize your needs as well, and we have a lot of jobs for the very eager. Come and join our team, and let’s take your careers to a whole new level.

Contact us at 62215262 for more information. Let us know if you’re interested, and you can register online at now!