Nursing Opportunities Singapore

Nursing Opportunities Singapore


Nursing opportunities are countless not only in Singapore but the rest of the world. If we think nurses are only for medical and clinical opportunities, we might want to reconsider this noble career. A nurse has one of the widest professional opportunities and job prospects. They are not only working in hospital, clinics and home care but rather to almost any industry whether a faculty in any academic institution or school or aviation through cabin crews for example. Nurses can work everywhere.

Wide Opportunities

Generally, a nursing student upon graduation and passing the licensure can already choose his or her area of specialisation. In the hospital, there is a wide array of health services being offered to patients by the healthcare staff. They can practice their careers through specialty nursing jobs such as critical care, oncology, surgery, medical and renal nursing. This is just a small number of growing specialties and responsibilities a nurse can do.

For big American companies, nurses can do case management which only involves calling the doctor and other hospital staff for monitoring of life events. Case managers are being paid at a very handsome amount without working in the hospital.

Nurses can also work as company nurses or school site nurses. They can do research, teach in education facilities, enter business, make their own long-term facility or center, serves the public and a lot more.

A nurse can also put up his or her training facility service and program. This can attract students and provide them new and quality information which can inspire them to become nursing professionals someday.

Nurses can also work in pharmaceutical industries as health educators. They can be paid with above-industry salary. They can also work as clinical research associates, doing research for drugs and its side effects.

The best opportunity for nurses and one of the most in demand is being a cabin crew which will allow nurses to travel around the globe and meet various cultures. This can be one of the most fun careers a nurse can choose and apply.


Nurses are not only confined to do patient care. They can sit in the comfort of their homes and literally find, view and apply jobs anywhere. As long one is able to search and find with enthusiasm, nurses can make it to their dream jobs. Regardless of the income, it is important for new nurses to find their passion and specialisation. This is good news to those who wants to have several options.

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