Nursing Jobs Singapore

Nursing Jobs Singapore


Health-related jobs specifically nursing are one of the brightest prospective jobs or career all over the world specifically in industrialized nations. The demand for nurses is increasing because of the increasing number of population. Thus new hospital, clinic and other specialty healthcare clinical and medical services are now popping in every location specifically in Singapore. We can find patients who are seeking this kind of health support and service.


To start off, a nurse who is interested to register and enter the bandwagon should have finished an education degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After that, they should take the licensure exam of the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB). After passing the exam, they can register with Singapore Nursing Board. After registration, they can view online, research or search for available jobs, send or post their resume, and contact or email the human res ources department of these employers. There is also a nurs ing aide or enrolled nurse or assistant nurses who are graduates of 2 years caregiving course.


In some countries like US and Australia, an entry-level nurse or new staff earn at an average of 50,000-80,000 US Dollars per annum depending on the state. In Singapore, nurses can earn roughly 31,000 USD per annum.

However, there is an increasing call to increase the salary of nurses in Sing or Singapore as well as to increase the staffing force in order for them to lessen their patient load. Nurses usually work at an average of 40 hours per week. Some work 36 hours per week on a 12-hour basis.

Job Prospect

Most of the job opportunities for nurses are posted in job portal websites as well as the websites of the hospital and clinics. These are for the employers to get in touch with the registered nurses as soon as possible. And it is more convenient for both parties from registration to employment.


Nursing jobs are popping like mushrooms in SG news, bulletins, and other job portal website. This is a first-hand resource to see and learn the availability of jobs at the comfort of our own home. Management, care and the ability to help sick people recuperate is one of the best and satisfying feelings of being a nurse It is a fulfilling career.

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