Nursing Homes Jobs Singapore

Nursing Homes Jobs Singapore


Like government nursing jobs, nursing home jobs are growing. It is a career path healthcare and medical staff can consider. This is due to the increasing number of senior citizens living alone in Singapore and cannot find time to be taken care of by their relatives. In nursing homes, nurses can assist and help them with their day to day living conditions together with other staff such as midwifes or nursing assistant.

Location of nursing home in Singapore varies and they can offer or provide various personal or clinical help or services provided that the health of the people catered are stable. The service nursing home can provide are limited unlike hospital with large resources and admin personnel to assist patients.


A student who wants to have this kind of job must enrol in a nursing school and finish the bachelor’s degree for four years. After that, they should pass the Singapore Nursing Board in order to become licensed. Then, the new nurse can already apply and search for nursing home work or job. This can be done as long as internet is accessible.

Finding Nursing Home Jobs

Nursing home jobs can be found mostly in the internet. First, the company can post it in their own websites. If not, nurses can view it in job portal websites (e.g. for easy reference. One needs to register then login. They should also create or log their resume before they can send it for reference to various employers. A correct email address should also be given for contact references from the office of the nursing home company.

Training and development for nurses in nursing home depends on the company. Usually there are no tests unlike in hospitals. Salary is on average, some are min imum and the locations vary. Part of the job is usually medication administration, feeding, ambulation, documentation and other common things. Nursing care plans are also applicable depending on the situation of the patient. Usually, there nursing assistants are there also to help nurses with other tasks. This can lighten up the workload of the nurses eventually depending on the tasks for each patient.


Unlike hospitals, nursing home has stable patients. Caring for them is quite a fulfilment. However, in terms of job growth and career path, it is undeniable that clinical placement in hospitals has advantages. For more news about nursing home jobs, it can be found in the internet.

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