Nursing Fields Singapore

Nursing Fields Singapore

What Are the Different Nursing Fields Singapore?

Registered nurses can explore various fields in Singapore. They have various specialties to choose from, making this medical field more interesting and more attractive for the long haul, although the demand for each nursing field varies.

Why Pursue Nursing

Being a nurse is more than just a job. It is more than just putting your degree to work. This career will put you in charge of a patient, his education on how to take better care of his health, and how he can sustain such level of care at home. There are various jobs to choose from, why should you pick one that will entail a lot of work, at school and in the clinical confines of a doctor’s clinic or hospital? That is because you have a special compassion for your patients, despite the challenges of this field in healthcare. And you can reward yourself by pursuing a professional life suitable for you and your interests.

Which Nursing Fields Singapore Are Available for You?

Aside from the popular field for registered nurses, there are other nursing fields Singapore to consider. Those who are interested may choose to pursue a career as an advanced practice nurse once you get your Master’s degree in clinical nursing and complete training in diagnosing and managing common medical conditions.

A resident nurse is a staff nurse with more responsibilities, such as assessing patient history, order investigations, and conduct simple procedures for stable cases.

A nurse clinician leads and assess patient care done by staff nurses and enrolled nurses based on policies and procedures.

A nurse educator design, develop and study curriculum used in nursing courses to ensure updated nursing practices.

A staff nurse provides care management, assessment, planning, implementation and assessment of nursing care for patients and educating patients and their legal guardians.

An enrolled nurse provide nursing care for a certain group of patients, as well as educate patients and caregivers on the prescribed care and treatment for the patient’s medical condition.

How We Can Help You Pursue Your Career

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