Nursing Career Singapore

Nursing Career Singapore


One of the fastest growing occupations, nursing is a rewarding profession for the right individual. Because health is always a priority, nurses can surely find a place to work anywhere. While most are seen in hospital or clinical setting, a good number of practitioners can be also found in a school, in the community or specialty care centre, or in nursing homes. Some work from home, accompanying patients during events, travels and making sure the patient follows the recommended nursing plan.

There are dozens of areas where you can specialize as a nurse, meaning you can get a job in a variety of sectors and experience new challenges as you go along. When it comes to working hours, nurses enjoy the flexibility of working either full-time or part-time. Depending on agreement, some employers allow a nursing professional to choose his/her own schedule. Compensation is also a great benefit. According to Payscale, registered nurses earn an average of $36,598 in Singapore.

How to become a Nurse?

An Associate’s or a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing is required as minimum requirement for education. To further their careers, some nurses take advanced trainings. For nursing aides, a certificate or diploma from CNA training program would suffice. You’ll then have to register yourself with the nursing board to qualify for a job. New graduates can find work being an assistant in a clinic or any healthcare facility, or be a nursing staff in a hospital.

Why Singapore?

Known for its world class healthcare system and equipments, Singapore is now a hotspot for medical tourism. We hear news of people flocking onto the country in search for cure, or jobs. It’s not uncommon for a doctor or nurse to transfer there. Working in Singapore not only lets you offer your services while being compensated well, but allows opportunities to learn from other top notch professionals on the field. A National Ministry of Health oversees this area. A number of schools for Medical Science are also in there, such as the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

Nursing Career Singapore Opportunities

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