Nursing Care Singapore

Nursing Care Singapore


A registered and qualified nurse is a significant member of the healthcare sector. Nursing care services in Singapore help fulfill not only the medical needs but also support the personal needs of the patient with an aim to improve his/her quality of life. The main objective of nursing care in Singapore is to help a patient and his/her family in dealing with the patient’s illness or disability to make living with their infirmity easier for them. In Singapore, with its growing elderly population and their family members having to venture out to work, caring for the elderly or sick people is often difficult.

What is Nursing care in Singapore?

In general, nursing care in Singapore works within the healthcare system to provide the right medical help and support and achieve optimal health and recovery among the people. Precisely, nursing care deals with the medical and health-related needs of the patients, while a caregiver looks after the personal and social needs. The job of a nurse providing patients with nursing care at a hospital or home includes:
• Clinically assessing the patient’s physical, social, and mental condition.
• Perform medical procedures when required.
• Carry out treatment and patient care according to the nursing care plan.

Nursing care is available on the community as well as individual level in the form of a single registered nurse or a team of healthcare providers and registered nurses, depending on the requirements of the patient and his/her medical needs.

However, nursing care particularly for long-term illnesses may get expensive. Fortunately, the Singapore government provides medicare facilities and subsidies that patients may use to pay only part of their nursing care expenses; thus making these services affordable to all.

Who can provide nursing care in Singapore?

Trained and qualified nurses registered with the Singapore Nursing Board can provide nursing care in Singapore. A nurse can get a Practicing Certificate from the board to work in Singapore. You can find or learn more information and news about nursing on the Singapore Nursing Board’s website

Who needs Nursing care in Singapore?

Nursing care services in Singapore include care and support in a residential rehabilitation centre or nursing home after the patient is discharged from the hospital, especially when he/she needs skilled nursing and rehabilitation services. On the other hand, home-based nursing care services in Singapore include day-care rehabilitation service or nursing care at the homes of the people who may require long term care due to chronic illness or old age. Patients and elderly individuals, especially those with physical disabilities or long-term illnesses who need 24-hour care and support can benefit from these services. In view of that, you can skip countless hours navigation by car in your search.

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