Nursing Care Plan for Heart Failure Singapore

Nursing Care Plan for Heart Failure Singapore


Heart failure is the inability of the heart to pump blood which can either be right-sided heart failure or left-sided heart failure. Usually the ventricles of the heart are affected. The ventricle’s main function is actually to pump blood into our circulatory system. It affects around 2-3 for every a hundred of people with age 30 and above. This illness is common with the elderly people( specifically men) who have co-morbidities such as diabetes, high blood pressure to name a few which may cause long-rm or chronic cardiac problems or disease one of which is heart failure.


There are lots of causes of heart failure according to new health re search and clinical articles. It includes coronary artery disease which may be due to the plaques and fatty deposits. It can also be due to untreated high blood pressure which can lead to cardiomyopathy or the enlargement of the heart. Acute myocardial infarction or heart attack can also be the cause of heart failure. Infection of the valves can also cause heart failure.

Nursing Interventions

Excellent nursing care plans must be implemented by the nurse and the health care or medical team inside the hospital to ensure holistic service, treatment and support. Patients with heart failure usually has a decreased cardiac output. They must be monitored for their vital sign which includes blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration, temperature as well as the monitoring of heart rhythm through the cardiac monitor. The nurse must also monitor for the intake and output of the patient beca use this is vital for the patient’s kidneys. The nurse must also monitor the patient’s sensorium or consciousness as any changes such as disorientation, confusion or sleepiness may indicate decreased flow of blood to the brain due to decreased cardiac output. If ordered, the nurse can give medications to increase the pumping mechanism of the heart of the patient as well as medicines to decrease the cardiac load on the he art through diuretics. Health education can also be provided as a guide to the family members and to the patient for pro per information and home care tasks. Diet is also very crucial in this kind of illness so nurses can also refer the patient to a dietician.


Heart fail ure is usually poor in prognosis especially in advanced stages. If diagnosed early, a better life can be achieved by the patient. Right management should be consulted through the doctor’s help. Proper nursing interventions must also be conducted.

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