Nursing Care Plan for Disturbed Sleep Pattern Singapore

Nursing Care Plan for Disturbed Sleep Pattern Singapore


Disturbed sleep pattern is a preval ent problem among the working class today whether men or women. It is estimated that a percentage of the working population has experienced disturbed sleeping patterns for some time. Due to widespread external factors (such as technology, noise pollution, weather), a good night sleep can eventually result to long-term chronic health problems or disease. In the hospital setting, patients also experience wake rest pattern changes due to maybe their environment and other disturbance. A normal sleep pattern or also known as a body clock should keep the patient or client well-slept and energized the next day.


Some patients in the hospitals have frequent sleeping problems either difficulty falling asleep at night or waking up too early. The causes must be known by the nurse through assessment. Nurses should assess the root cause of the problem. Usually, pain is the number one cause of inability to sleep and get relaxation. Another thing is anxiety which is normal among all patients. Other things that may be considered can be the noise of technological things inside the room such as the infusion pumps, cardiac monitors and alike. The ambient temperature is also important and may affect or cause changes in sleeping patterns. Another thing to consider is the age of the client. Elderly people usually have lesser sleep compared to the young. Time is also vital. It is advised for the client to sleep consistently with the same time every night.

Nursing Care Plan

Related nursing care plans are important for the nurse to achieve and this should start with assessment. If the nurs e determined the root cause of the problem, then she can carry out the necessary intervention. The nurse can also look or view for the diagnosis of the patient and review the medications which may cause insomnia or other side-effects that may hinder the patient from getting a good night sleep. The nurse may also change the setting of the room temperature to make it more cooler, set the lights off, and provide fresh sheets of bed mattress. Moreover, nurses should look into the diet of the patient. The nurse should advice the patient to avoid caffeine before going to bed. If ordered by the doctor, the patient can be given medicines that may help them calm down. They may use these as long as it's prescribed by their physicians. Lastly, health teaching is also vital as all of the said information can help the patient whether at home or in the hospital to get a good night sleep.


Nurses should be able to create a less stimulating environment and activity for their patients prior to bed time. This is vital for their recovery. More reference is available in other form of media like scribd, ads, rem etc.

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