Nursing Care Plan for Diarrhea Singapore

Nursing Care Plan for Diarrhea Singapore


Diarrhea is one of world's most common main gastrointestinal related condition characterized by loose stool or bowel. Though not fatal among adults, this may be fatal to children or a child especially to babies who are the most risked to die because of extreme dehydration. This condition is common among places with questionable sanitary practices though sometimes it can also be found inside our home. In order to have it, a patient should have at least 3-5 loose stools for the same day. That should be the frequency by nature. Diarrhea is acute in nature lasting for a few hours and in severe cases may lasts up to a week.


Diarrhea can is caused by certain microorganisms that can be ingested in our body. It can be caused by a bacteria or a virus leading to gastroenteritis or the inflammation of our intestinal tract. This can be transferred through food or water in which the culprit's bacteria or virus dwells. This is common among those who cases of food poisoning that we see in the news. If not caused by a microorganism, diarrhea can be symptom of another disease such as hyperthyroidism, IBS and other illnesses. Thus, careful use of assessment test and diagnosis must be made in order for the patient to have the correct pain management and interventions.

Nurs ing Care Plans

There are lots of nursing health care plan available for a patient having diarrhea. The first one is through proper assessment which is the initial thing that must be done. For children and below the adult age, skin turgor is one of the best ways to identify the hydration or fluid status. There is a decreased skin elasticity when a child is dehydrated. Another thing to consider is the vital signs of the patient. A patient who is dehydrated has usually a fast heart beat due to loss of fluid and electrolytes. Thus, the nurse must act fast and also establish IV connection the soonest to bring back the normal hydration status of the patient. IV fluids usually have electrolyte content and this is important among people having diarrhea as it increase the electrolytes in the patient’s circulation. Liquid or water hydration can also be done at the same time through oral drinking of oresol. Medications as ordered can also be given such as antibiotics to stop the infection as well as medicines to decrease the active movement of the intestines, to achieve balance.


Diarrhea is not a life-threatening condition but this can lead to death eventually if not taken seriously. Every health care team member should be able to assist and intervene with the patient’s symptom.

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