Nursing Care for Vomiting Singapore

Nursing Care for Vomiting Singapore


Vomiting is very common among men and women. This can occur for both the young and old. Usually it occurs due to stomach upset when someone ate food that is spoiled. Sometimes it's due to gastric problems such as GERD or acid reflux. It can also be due to gastritis or inflammation of the stomach that makes the stomach painful for the person to bear. Lastly, it can be due to side-effects after use of certain drugs such as chemotherapy which produces nausea and vomiting among cancer patients. Vomiting can be traced to a lot of illness and medical conditions. Thus, good nursing assessment and care must be done for all of patients experiencing vomiting regardless of at home or hospital.

Side-effects of Vomiting

Patients who vomit usually are at risk for fluid volume deficiency and electrolyte imbalance. Dehydration is very common among these patients especially accompanied by flu. The extreme of age is a related risk factor for man and woman. Babies who vomit frequently must be hydrated immediately because they are at risk for dehydration and sudden death. Babies on the other hand have sunken fontanelles which is a symptom of fluid deficiency. The elderly is also at risk for dehydration due to vomiting thus they must get immediate treatment or else they can suffer death due to heat stroke for example. They usually present loss of skin turgor or elasticity. Weakness is also very common among those with vomiting due to the electrolytes that has leaked out of the body. Commonly, there is an imbalanced of sodium and potassium in the body due to dehydration. Thus, there is weakness or pain that can be felt by the patient. For the first sign of these clinical health symptoms, intervention must be done immediately to reverse the side-effects.

Nursing management of vomiting

A nurse who handles patients who are vomiting must make careful assessment to make an accurate nursing diagnosis. The nurses must take the vital signs immediately. For any signs of dehydration, fluids must be initiated first through IV placement. Then blood can be extracted for any signs of electrolyte imbalance. For stable patients, drug can be given to stop the nausea and vomiting. These drugs are metoclopramide or plasil which is very effective in stopping the vomiting. For patients who are vomiting due to excessive acid secretion, omeprazole can be given per doctor's order. Mental status is also important to be assessed for patients who are severely dehydrated. A good nursing care plan is vital for this condition


Vomiting can end one's life. Thus one must be serious with his or her medical symptoms. Information and news are always available by search and view resources and content in the internet. For extreme cases of vomiting, the person must immediately call for help in the hospital.

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