Nursing Care for Vertigo Singapore

Nursing Care for Vertigo Singapore


Vertigo is a symptom, rather than a condition. It is marked by dizziness with a feeling of floating, spinning or body tilting. Those who are constantly plagued by vertigo can seek help from our nursing care for vertigo Singapore services. Our nursing agency can help connect both patients and nurses to treat cases of vertigo.

Causes and Symptoms of Vertigo

Vertigo is often a side effect of a certain class of drug. It may also be caused a low blood pressure, Meniere disease or an unknown cause, making it idiopathic in nature. It makes a patient feel motion despite being stationary. It is related to vasospasm, irritation, stress and tension, and increased intracranial pressure.

The symptoms seen in patients suffering from vertigo are triggered by an asymmetric dysfunction of the vestibular system of the patient’s inner ear.

This health problem is characterized by pain influenced by changes in sleep patterns, position changes, and anxiety.

Nursing Interventions

So, what can you expect when you use our nursing care for vertigo Singapore services?

We are hoping our nursing care plan will reduce the patient’s pain and risk, relax and calm the patient down, and ensure that they exhibit normal vital signs. Our nurses also observe the patients’ vital signs and the intensity of the pain they’re experiencing to develop proper nursing actions. We also encourage our patients to go to bed early to reduce the pain they are feeling. Our nurses ensure that the patient’s position is as comfortable as possible to reduce muscle tension, stress and pain. It is also our nurses’ jobs to spread information about deep breathing and relaxation techniques that patients can do at home.

In some cases, medicine, such as an analgesic, may be provided. Patients just have to be honest about their medical history and their experience after taking the med.

Patients are advised not to walk, drive a car or any heavy machinery. You should change the position of your body as slowly as possible, or lie down or sit until the dizziness goes away.

Aside from these clinical nursing services, patients with a vertigo diagnosis may try balance therapy. Administered by a therapist to restore impaired balance, there are special exercises that help the brain and the head to adjust to the dizziness. It is also a good exercise for improving a loss of balance.

How Our Nurses Can Be Of Service

Once you notice a persistent sign, or signs, of vertigo, you can get our nursing services. We can connect you to pro nurses in handling these cases.

We also accept nurses who are in search for the right patients with different medical conditions, vertigo included, and other acute diseases. We will assess the nurses’ skills and experience to match them with the right patients.

If you are either a patient or a nurse looking for or wanting to provide nursing care for vertigo Singapore services, just visit our website or contact us at 62215262 for Nursing Care for Vertigo in Singapore and let us help you today!