Nursing Care for Urinary Incontinence Singapore

Nursing Care for Urinary Incontinence Singapore


Urinary incontinence is a condition in which a person cannot control his or her bladder movement. Thus, there is loss or impaired urinary control. Continence means self-control while incontinence means lacking of self-control. This occurrence is usually a problem to certain people as it becomes an embarrassing situation for them. The inability to control the outflow of urine varies among patients. Thus, it is advised for people with such condition to seek help and appointment with a physician.

Symptoms and Causes

Urinary incontinence has several types. There is stress incontinence which occurs when there is bladder pressure due to exercising for example. Another thing is urge incontinence which means there is always an urge to urinate but nothing is coming out. This is due to other comorbid health condition such as diabetes. Other types are overflow incontinence and functional incontinence.

The main cause of urinary incontinence cannot be blamed into a single factor according to health data and resources. One can be attributed to use of food additives, beverages and drugs. Moreover, it can be a cause of hidden physical health problems such as menopause, pregnancy, gene, increasing age, and certain neurological disorders.

Nursing Care Plan for Urinary Incontinence

For a patient having urinary incontinence, the nurse must prepare him or her for a series of test which includes urinalysis, ultrasound and cystoscopy to name a few. The physician will also take a complete assessment before, during and after the procedure. They assess the site where the urine comes out and log it into the chart for any findings. Once confirmed, treat ment and man agement of the condit ion can stat. The nurse can also plan and map her care for the p ati ent.

For the cleanliness, the nurses must keep the patient’s skin dry. The linens must be replaced when soaked with urine. The nurse must also allow the patient to practice bladder blast training exercises. Another exercise the kegel’s exercise, which is an exercise for the perineum, can also be taught to the patient. Another thing is keep tab and evaluation of the food and drinks that the patient consumes. They must manage to skip tea, coffee and soda that make them have the urge to void more. Last ly, encourage increased oral fluid intake for the patient.


The normal function of bladder is to control the flow of urine. Thus, a medical help is needed for this kind of problem. For more information, men and women can access news, archive and search genome database about this topic in the internet from their home.

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