Nursing Care for Unconscious Patent Singapore

Nursing Care for Unconscious Patent Singapore


Loss of consciousness can happen to anyone at any given moment. It can happen everywhere. Thus, as a layperson, he or she must immediately attend to the unconsciousness of the person.

An unconscious patient can be an emergency situation or can lead to an emergency situation depending on the condition. It can also be a temporary condition in which the patient just lacked oxygen call transient ischemic attack or TIA. This is also known as passing out.

Causes and Symptoms

For a patient who is not conscious, a sign that must be taken into consideration is checking the pulse and breathing. If there is no pulse and breathing, the patient just had a sudden cardiac arrest and performance of CPR must be taken into consideration. If there is a pulse but no breathing, then rescue breathing must be done immediately. For person both who has pulse and breathing but is unconscious, the patient might just passed out. Stroke can also cause uncons cio usness to patient due to a limited supply of oxygen to the brain which may cause coma. But any related case of loss of consciousness in our main environment, home or state hospital, it is important that the bystander should respond and give full help by calling an ambulance or bringing the patient int o the nearest health facility for clinical assessment and medical management to retain organ function.

Nursing Care Plan

There are several nursing care plans for an unconscious patient but usually these are all emergency care plans that the nurse must know by heart. Patient placed on a flat position, the nurse must able to check the pulse at the side of the neck below the ear (which is the best location) to determine if there is a heart beat. Then check for rise and fall of the chest for breathing or by feeling the air coming out of the mouth or oral cavity. If none, then CPR must be done by the team. There should be a nurse for the airway who will hold and use the bag valve mask. Another nurse should do chest compression. For patients suspected or sign of head trauma, CT-scan is done immediately to search for the root or end cause. The relatives must also be aware and be informed when nurse share the information about the patient's condition.


Men are more predisposed to sudden cases of loss of consciousness specifically heart attacks and stroked due to lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Time is the swiftest thief and nurses must attend to the needs of the patient at the bed side. For sure anything can happen to the patient. The nurse must be attentive at all times by checking the patient every now and then.

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