Nursing Care for Tuberculosis Singapore

Nursing Care for Tuberculosis Singapore


Tuberculosis or commonly known as TB is another type of pulmonary infection. It usually attacks the site of the lungs but can also spread to other parts of the body such as the nodules. TB is very widespread among third world countries and government health agencies plan to eradicate this disease for the past decades by giving free drugs to patients which must be taken for 6 months. The search for the best treatment for TB still continues which can be read through published journal, news, research or any related pdf articles.

Causes and Symptoms

Tuberculosis as a pulmonary infection is caused by a bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculae. It is transmitted through the air with patients who have an active TB infection. This can be done through inhalation of droplets through the air via sneezing or cough. It can be transmitted everywhere whether at work or at home but it should have a certain distance in order to get it. Though only 10 percent only turns eventually into a TB infection, one must practice full caution and must take this issue seriously when someone is infected with it. Support and care must be done to them.

Common medical sign and symptoms of a patient with a diagnosis of TB include cough that does not go away, sputum that has blood on it, weight loss, sweating at night and most importantly fever. Main test includes chest X-ray (to view the spread of infection) and tuberculin skin test but confirmatory tests includes sputum exam. Once it is confirmed as a TB infection, the hospital facility may contact the new patient to provide them with a plan of care.

Nursing Care Plan

Nursing care plan for patients with TB is a must. For new patients with a suspected case of tuberculosis, use of proper protective equipment must be done by the staff and nurses. Usually, a face mask will suffice and placement of patient in an isolation room (negative pressure room) is being done to prevent the spread of bacteria. The nurse jobs include preparing the patient for diagnostic exams by explaining what will be done and what will happen for full cooperation of the patient. The nurse or student nurse must instruct the patient on how to collect his or her sputum which must be done early in the morning on an empty stomach. Antibiotics treatments are usually in tablet form and must be taken for 6 months. After 2 weeks of antibiotics intake, the patient is usually non-infectious and can mingle with other people.


Health is wealth as they say. Patients with TB must not skip their drug regimen. The content of their drug treatment as well as the instructions is already included. They can also log and access the internet, register through email, and view content and related article page specifically for TB if they please to.

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