Nursing Care for Tracheostomy Singapore

Nursing Care for Tracheostomy Singapore


Tracheostomy is a procedure in which there is an incision that is made to create an opening through the neck then into the windpipe or also known as trachea. Trache is trachea and ostomy in medical field is known as creation of an opening to simplify things around thus it is coined as tracheostomy. It is done in life-threatening conditions among patients who need immediate airway access. This is done by a physician who is an expert in emergency medicine or a surgeon who has experience performing tracheostomy.

Nursing Care Plan

The main goal of the nurse in the clinical health setting or hospital for a patient with a tracheostomy is to maintain the patency and maintain the airway clearance. This will be done by suctioning the inner cannula if there are thick secretions or mucus by the use of a suction catheter. Cleansing of the site also known as the stoma is also important. This will support cleanliness and prevent infection. The nurse must know how to change the dressing and tie the new dressing around the neck without dislodging the inner cannula. Safety of the patient should be always considered and should be a practice by the nurse.

The nurse must also teach the patient to communicate by providing materials to write their concern (if the tracheostomy is still fresh). Diet is also important. Usually an NGT or nasogastric tube is placed for the stoma to heal. Refer the patient to a dietician for proper computation and food preparation info. Lastly, oral care should always be considered.

Discharge Instructions

Once the patient is ready to go home, the nurse must view and review the chart of the patient for additional home medications and instructions form. Basically, the patient should have been taught the act how to cleanse his or her stoma as well as how to use the tracheostomy kit. The nurse can usually do a home visit and earn from it by work at the patient's place. Home-based career for nurses are usually abundant and the services that can be offered are vast and endless. Interested patients can access free online resources, information, research archive, medical news in your sea rch about the management of tracheostomy.


Tracheostomy care is one of the most important skills a nurse must learn how to perform in her jobs. Whether in the clinic, at home or at the hospital setting, patients with such will always be there to ask for care and compassion.

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