Nursing Care for Syncope Singapore

Nursing Care for Syncope Singapore


Syncope is the medical term for passing out or fainting. The condition involves the sudden, yet temporary loss of consciousness, with the patient falling from a sitting or standing position. Patients who are struggling with the condition may be interested in nursing care for syncope Singapore services that our agency is offering

Causes of Syncope

Syncope happens when the blood flow to the brain decreases as it reduces oxygen circulation in the process. Triggers often include cardiac conditions; issue in the blood vessels to the brain; dehydration; certain drugs for the heart, high or low blood pressure, or a nti depressants; a drastic decrease in blood pressure; or reflexive reaction when sneezing, coughing, straining during bowel movements or urinating, or dea lin g with frightening or stressful situations.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Syncope

A doctor might make a diagnosis of the health condition made based on these common signs of syncope – fatigue; cold, sweaty, and clammy skin; a pounding heartbeat with fast breathing; feeling sick; dizziness or lightheadedness; blurred vision or headache; and numbness.

Further tests must be conducted on both men and women patients before a clinical care plan will be developed. These include telemetry to monitor the heart’s rhythm; blood test; stress test; echocardiogram, and a tilt table test.

Nursing Interventions

Once you’re diagnosed with syncope, you might want to use our nursing services, especially if you want to stay at home instead of the hospital. You can get immediate medical help in case of emergency. Our nurses can also give you the education that you need about the disease, the necessary treatment, the news about the condition, and the risk of taking a bad fall when you faint.

You can expect our nurses to ensure proper breathing, providing a heart massage if needed; monitor RR, TD, and pulse regularly; check the EKG result; evaluate the patient’s skin color changes, and observe output and intake every 24 hours. They also limit the things a patient can do, especially those with an advanced age. These are all necessary in the case of decreased cardiac output.

In the case of impaired tissue perfusion, nursing interventions include monitoring mental disorders; observing the skin and the color of the patient; encouraging leg exercises; observing breathing; evaluating GI function; monitoring urine input/output; and reducing nausea, among others.

If the patient suffers from syncope due to decreased oxygen flow to the brain, our nursing department would know how to put the patient in shock position; observe their level of awareness; monitor TTV, SpO2, papillary reaction, and level of consciousness, and prevent hypoxia in the brain.

How Our Agency Can Help

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