Nursing Care for Stroke Patients Singapore

Nursing Care for Stroke Patients Singapore


Stroke or brain attack or CVA is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality among men and women which mostly occurs at home. It is classified under cardiovascular illness under the World Health Organization. Possible risk factors can be identified by medical practitioners among members of the high-risk group. Early guideline for diagnosis and service must be done for the patients under this group for them to prevent future occurrence or new recurrence of stroke.

Causes and Risk Factors

Causes of stroke can be attributed to a lot of modifiable risk factors. Data and resources from books suggest that the cause of stroke can be due to sudden interruption of blood flow inside the brain. This can be due to three types of stroke which are hemorrhagic stroke, ischemic stroke and TIA or transient ischemic stroke. Hemorrhagic stroke is the most fatal one in which the blood vessels in our brain explodes. Ischemic stroke occurs when there is a blockage. Lastly TIA as the name itself transient meaning short-lived occurs for only less than 5 minutes in which there is a loss of consciousness. TIA is acute and not usually life-threatening but warrants main hospital assessment by the clinical team.

List of risk factor for both man and woman includes obesity or being overweight. The state of having uncontrolled high blood pressure can also act as a trigger for stroke. People with high cholesterol, diabetes, being in an old age can also get stroke in their lifetime. These risk factors can be the source of stroke.

Nursing Care Plan for Stroke Patients

Nursing staff must be able to know how to take care of stroke patients. During admission, the nurse must be able to monitor the blood pressure of the patient and assess for neurologic functions which is a very important aspect of quality care and practice by the staff involved. Nurses must also carry out the interventions completely and in a timely manner. Usually, patients with stroke get a CT-scan or MRI in order to see the extent of bleeding or damage in the brain. Unconscious stroke patients must be placed in a Critical Care Unit. The ICU or CCU nurse must use and apply her skills in the management of stroke patients. Stroke patients can be given thrombolytic within an hour or if they are still inside the golden hour. But beyond one hour, the hours remaining will have a different set of guidelines for the management of stroke. Once stable and out of the CCU or ICU, the patient can enhance his or her health through rehabilitation. The nurse can provide inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation through coordination and contact with the Rehabilitation Medicine Unit.


Stroke can be prevented through proper information and health education among member or members of the society. User can register online with a password. They can also read, find and view online guide, content and news in the internet. Nursing care for stroke patients requires very good assessment and must help the patient with excellent capacity.

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