Nursing Care for Seizure Singapore

Nursing Care for Seizure Singapore


Seizures, also called as epilepsy, are a result of abnormal electrical discharges in the brain. They are often characterized by convulsions and altered mental status. They become life-threatening if the patient is diagnosed with status-epilepticus, a condition wherein seizures never subside. If you or a loved one suffers from seizures, our nursing care for seizure Singapore services might be of help.

Seizures are often triggered by brain tumors, head injuries, maldevelopment of the brain, lead poisoning, fevers, and infectious and genetic illnesses. Common symptoms include a tingling sensation, a twitching muscle, anxiety, brief staring, confusion, perception of an unusual taste or smell, loss of consciousness, convulsion, or changes in awareness.

Nursing Goals

For all our patients, the nurses from our nursing care agency always have several goals in mind. We have to control or prevent seizure, protect patient from injury, promote positive self-esteem, ensure respiratory function, and provide information about the disease process, prognosis, and treatment.

Nursing Care Plans

A nurse may implement a different care plan for each test diagnosis after a last medical exam.

If the nursing diagnosis is risk of injury, the nurse has to study the cause of the seizures, provide a soft cushion on the patient’s barrier and put the bed in a low position, supervise the patient after the seizure, and record the patient’s seizure activity and its details.

If the diagnosis is low self-esteem, the nurse has monitor how the patient feels towards his diagnosis and treatment, determine possible reactions of other people towards the disease, evaluate the patient’s reaction to the success of the treatment, and talk about psychotherapy with the patient or other people nearby. If the diagnosis concerns knowledge deficit regarding seizures, the nurse has to evaluate just how much the patient knows about the disease, explain its pathophysiology, review the drug, dosage, and instructions on when to take or discontinue the medication, and talk about the benefits of good health in general.

How Our Services Can Help

People who are in search for clinical expertise when it comes to handling seizures may come to us for help. It does not matter if they need it at home or the hospital, or whether the patient is a child or an adult. As the primary service of our agency is to provide expert nurses to patients with various needs, you can rely on us for good management of seizures, a smooth-sailing service after years of practice, and determination to assist our patients.

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