Nursing Care for Risk for Suicide Singapore

Nursing Care for Risk for Suicide Singapore


Patients who are at risk for suicide or with suicidal attempt must be one of the priorities of nurses in a hospital or psychiatric facility. Suicide as commonly defined is killing one’s self. There are signs of a pending suicide and the health care provider as well as the family members must know these risk factors to avoid such tragic occurrence. In terms of social data, men are more aggressive and successful with suicide than women. The fact behind this is that they use more aggressive means to harm and kill themselves than women.

Symptoms and Causes

The people, who give support to a person with suicidal idea tion, may get clues from them. Though patients with suicidal ideations act normal, warning signs for a client include verbalizing about suicide, giving away important and valuable things, departing and forbidding goodbye to their friends and so on and so forth.

Clinical cause of suicide is mainly due to lack of hope and feeling of end of the world. It can also be attributed to extreme depression. That is why people who are depressed have main risk of committing suicide.

Nursing Care for a Patient with Risk for Suicide

A patient at risk for suicide is usually admitted at the Psychiatric ward with a relative to look after them. Nursing staff must be cautious enough to implement or provide a health care plan that is suitable for them. The following are the nursing interventions. First is assess ment. The nurse must review past records of the patient to apply an appropriate care plan. During assessment, the nurse must establish rapport in order for trust to be established. Next is to monitor and log in patient’s life chart some of the client’s potential actions and verbalizations about committing suicide. Nurses or NIC must be aware about the warning signs. If there are, the patient must not have access to harmful objects that can kill him. If with order, the nurse can contact and schedule the patient for a mental counselling session. Lastly, give medicines as ordered if there are other forms of mood disorder such as depression which may cause suicide according to academic resources. The nurse may also help the patient through the intervention and support of family members and again referral to doctors for outpatient counselling.


The incidence of suicide can be prevented at home or in any workplace particularly cancer patient. Support of family members and friends is crucial to low er or prevent this inc ident.

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