Nursing Care for Psychiatric Singapore

Nursing Care for Psychiatric Singapore


Psychiatric patients are those people diagnosed with mental disorders or mental illness. According to WHO, mental illness are generally characterized by some combination of abnormal thoughts, emotions, behavior and relationships with others. The cause of it can be related to several factors and conditions. If it is already a hindrance in the current practice of the patient whether at work or at home, he or she must seek an assessment for medical treatment.

Symptoms & Causes

Various signs and symptoms can be seen in a client with such clinical illness. Usually, depression may play a big role in psychosis so there will be signs and symptoms related to it plus confusion, delusions, hallucinations, suicidal ideations to name a few.
Psych patients usually have various root causes. According to research as published in journal, mental illness can be due to inherited genes and environmental stressors. Relatives with psyche cases may also pass their genes to their offspring. Stressors during pre-natal days such as drugs and alcohol can also contribute to it. Hospital and academic information may also provide data and library services for research plans and class study.

Nursing Care Plan for Patients with Psychiatric Illness

A new psychiatric nurse (who is registered and trained to handle such patients jobs) is necessary to apply various nursing care plans to these patients. They must be placed in a specialized site such as a psychiatric facility or ward. These places have no windows and harmful objects the patient can use to harm himself or others. For undiagnosed patients, they must be oriented by the nurses on what tests and evaluation procedures that may be ordered by the physician. So definitely, trust must be established upon the first meeting. The nurse can also help the patient by conducting activities that may release their stress and tension. Group therapy can also be encouraged. The nurse must log the verbal output of patients for further evaluation. As the mental hea lth is a priority, so as the physical health of the patient. So assessment of the whole body is also important. Med ications as ordered should be monitored daily by the nurse as it should be taken strictly by the pati ent. The psych iatrist usually will conduct a daily serv ice visit and will evaluate the patient based on certain criteria. The relatives are encouraged to visit and view their loved one’s end progress.


The job for this kind of specialty is an exciting avenue for healthcare practitioners. The family members must be supportive not only the health care team in treating the patient with such illness.
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