Nursing Care for Pregnant Women Singapore

Nursing Care for Pregnant Women Singapore


Pregnancy gen erally puts mothers, and even their child, in a delicate state, which is why they need specialized care. Good thing there are nurses now who can provide nursing care for pregnant women Singapore. The health of the baby in the womb depends on the health of the mother. During pregnancy, complications must be resolved quickly to reduce the risk to both the mother and child. They need an experienced nurse who can provide maternity care before, during, and after childbirth at home and help the family support the expectant woman. Patients whose prenatal testing returned with a gene / genome disorder or a similar issue should get these maternity care services.

Nursing Management

The nurse’s main service must include monitoring the pregnant woman pre childbirth, determining potential risks, and educating her on what to do to eliminate those risks. The nurse is also responsible of taking care of medical emergencies, which is why they should be constantly present in the patient’s home, especially during delivery.

The RNA also needs to monitor the expectant woman during labor, so the nurse has to work with doctors and midwives. It is their duty to monitor the mother and child’s vital signs, such as heartbeat, contraction patterns, and blood pressure, day and night as the labor continues. Nurses who are more experienced in providing nursing care for pregnant women Singapore can provide pain management after assessing the level of pain experienced by the patient and recommending effective methods to minimize the pain.

After childbirth, the nurse continues to make clinical assessments and even provide education to the new mom and the man or partner on proper hygiene, such as cleaning the breasts before breastfeeding. The nurse also educates the new parents on the basics of newborn care.

How We Can Help

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