Nursing Care for Postpartum Hemorrhage Singapore

Nursing Care for Postpartum Hemorrhage Singapore


After childbirth, blood loss is inevitable. However, blood loss of more than 500 mL is known as Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) or maternal hemorrhage. The term primary hemorrhage is applied to blood loss within 24 hours after delivery. Beyond that, it is called secondary. This condition may be increased by factors like prolonged labor, uterine inversion or rupture, abrupt detachment of placenta after giving birth, too much enlargement of the uterus, multiple or first pregnancy infection and medications given during labor . This puts the mother at a great health risk. It needs to be addressed as soon as observed.

Nursing Care for Postpartum Singapore Hemorrhage

To determine if you have PPH, the doctors will take ask you for signs and symptoms, and proceed to do physical check-up. Excessive bleeding is the main sign for PPH . Other signs and symptoms include feeling faint, low blood pressure, increasing heart rate and swelling of the vaginal area. Once diagnosis is made, treatment options depending on your case, will be presented such as uterine massage, trauma repair, medicat ion, resuscit ati on (fluid, oxygen), blood transfusion or surgery.

It’s highly recommended that you get the services of a professional nurse, to take care of you even if you’re staying at home. Women who have PPH need to have their blood pressure and vital signs regularly monitored.

Nurses can act as your companion, supporter, friend and counsellor for all things related to PPH. They are trained with interventions to help reduce the bleeding, and will advise the patient with what you need to do or use. For instance, if you sleep, nurses can advise mothers to raise their feet higher so blood can circulate all over the body. Part of the service they provide is also to educate you with regards to your condition. Nurses will record the changes in your body, and from these information, will structure a n ursing plan accordingly. Moreover, having a nurse is more conveni ent in cases of medical emergencies.

Finding the Right Nurse

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