Nursing Care for Pneumonia Singapore

Nursing Care for Pneumonia Singapore


Pneumonia is a lower respiratory tract infection or lung infection that is one of the most common clinical problems or disease around the globe whether it is hospital acquired or community acquired. It is also one of the leading causes of mortality when it comes to infectious illnesses.

Causes and Symptoms

Pneumonia is primarily caused by microorganisms that can be composed of bacteria or virus which can be acquired in the environment (home, clinical or community setting) through droplets and not through the air that will eventually attack our lungs. Thus, frequent handwashing is always advised to everyone to prevent transmission of this illness.

Main sign and symptoms for patient include difficulty of breath ing, sharp chest pain when coughing, fever, and weakness to name a few. Common test or exam for this type of lung problem include chest X-ray to see the spread of infection, CBC to determine the number or count of infection, sputum tests to differentiate it from tuberculosis as well as for culture and sensitivity for the right drug to be administered. If there is a notable lung mass as well as coughing of blood, it can be a lung cancer as well so careful assessment of symptoms and accurate history taking must be done. Lung biopsy aspiration can be done to confirm this for cancer patients.

Nursing Care Plan

The nurse or nurses must provide an excellent nursing care plan for this type of patients who compromised with their health status. Interventions include maintain or improve the lung function of the patient. Oxygen gas may be given per doctor's order. Placing the patient in a negative-pressure room (isolation room) will also help. Lessen the visitors of the patient so the patient can take a full rest and prevent infection. Treatment of such for these symptoms includes use of antibiotics usually for a week until the infections subsides which can be confirmed again by blood exams and Chest X-ray. The nurse must monitor the patient by taking his oxygen saturation and vital sign. Usually, patients with pneumonia cope up and can be discharged after antibiotics treatment. Vitamins can also be prescribed by doctors for these patients to strengthen their immune system.


New content, nti news and resources for pneumonia are available in the internet. The search for best prevention of pneumonia still continues which includes vaccination. There is a pneumonia vaccine that can be given to all whether young or old to prevent this infection.

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