Nursing Care for Pleural Effusion Singapore

Nursing Care for Pleural Effusion Singapore


Pleural effusion is a clinical sign that accompanies several respiratory diseases and some heart and kidney diseases too. It is the abnormal collection of fluid in the chest, particularly in the cavities around the lungs. These cavities are located between the pleura or the outer coverings of the lungs and are known as the pleural space. Nursing care for pleural effusion in Singapore tackles the underlying cause of pleural effusion in addition to helping the patient deal with pleural effusion itself.

Symptoms of Pleural Effusion

Pleural effusion does not necessarily produce symptoms, especially with small quantities of effusions. However, patients with moderate to large amount of fluid around their lungs are likely to experience certain air respiratory related symptoms. Usually, patients with pleural effusion experience pulmonary symptoms including cough, shortness of breath, pain in the chest cavity, and sometimes fever. Pleu ral effusion that causes blood stained sputum indicates pneumonia, tuberculosis, or cancer. All said and done, the diagnosis of pleural effusion is always confirmed with an X-ray or USG of the chest.

A pro nurse providing nursing care for pleural effusion in Singapore is expected to be well versed with the assessment and tackling of these symptoms. Additionally, since pleural effusion is often a by-product of some other more grave underlying medical condition, a student nurse should know of these conditions and their diagnosis and management too. Hence, nursing care for pleural effusion in Singapore is inclusive of care plan for these medical conditions too.

What causes Pleural Effusion?

Although pleural effusion is related to the lungs, it is not only caused by pulmonary disease but several other medical conditions too. Its pulmonary causes are pneumonia, tuberculosis and pulmonary embolism. Congestive heart failure related to the heart may also cause these effusions. Nephrotic syndrome and end-stage renal disease are some of its kidney related causes. Additionally, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, and lupus may also cause this condition class.

Nursing care for pleural effusion in Singapore

Pleural effusion is an important clinical sign that can quickly turn into a medical emergency if left untreated or undiagnosed. Hence, it is important to pick the effusions and their cause immediately. Nursing care for pleural effusion in Singapore is provided by experienced and qualified nurses who are trained with the diagnosis, assessment, and lastly the management of this form of lung condition and its causes.

The following duties are a part of nursing care for pleural effusion in Singapore:

• Assessment of vital signs, breath sounds, breathing patterns and other signs that may indicate deterioration of the patients health.

• Timely administration of appropriate medications to eat.

• Guide the patient with chest physiotherapy and help with breathing techniques.

• Use surgical apparatus correctly to help the attending physician with procedures and assess laboratory findings correctly.

• Stay in contact with the patient and his/her relatives at all times.

• Stay abreast of any lat est research and scientific study about pleural effusion published in the medical book, journals, and medical site.

• Nursing care for pleural effusion in Singapore not only covers the health needs of the patients in hospital but it also extends to their needs once at home post-discharge.

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