Nursing Care for Pancreatitis Singapore

Nursing Care for Pancreatitis Singapore


Pancreatitis is a condition in which there is a swelling or inflammation of the pancreas. Our pancreas is located in the left up quadrant of our abdomen. It is responsible in the production of certain enzymes and hormones commonly known as insulin and glucagon. Acute pancreatitis may begin in an instant and occurs for a very short time. On the other hand, chronic pancreatitis may occur for up to over 6 months and up to years. This medical health condition can either be tagged as non-urgent up to emergency cases depending on the severity of pain.

Causes and Symptoms

The cause of pancreatitis is the pancreatic enzymes itself. Normally, pancreatic enzymes should be digested in the small intestine. In the small intestine, the enzyme will be activated. In pancreatitis, it is different. The enzymes activate itself inside the said organ that in time, it irritates the pancreas.

Specific causes of pancreatitis include alcoholism, infection, high triglycerides, cancer of the pancreas, gallbladder stones, and injury to name a few.

Several symptoms may be experienced by the patient at home or anywhere. One of the main sign is upper abdominal pain which radiates to the back. This is usually severe in nature. There is also a feeling of nausea and may have an occurrence of vomiting. There is also pain after palpation of abdomen.

Nursing Care Plans for Pancreatitis

Nurses must give the best management or nursing care plan map for a patient with pancreatitis. Baseline vital signs must be taken as well as the mental blast pain scale of the patient for the immediate data needed by the physician. Once a workable diagnosis is established, the nurse would prepare a p ati ent suspected of pancreatitis for series of gene tests or exams. The first test is related to the level of enzymes present in the blood. Serum amylase is usually being tested for pancreatitis. If this is elevated, then this may help the patient confirm the condition. Another exam is the abdominal ultrasound or CT-scan of the whole abdomen to confirm the origin of pain. Patients who have this condition are usually placed on NPO or in short, they cannot eat nor drink anything. The reason for this is to let the pancreas rest. At Last, pain medicines can be given for pain and IV fluid can be given to prevent dehydration.


Pancreatitis is a serious condition. For more new type of information, online news, clinical study journal, book and other resources can be search, accessed and read by the student or anyone across the internet.

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