Nursing Care for Osteomyelitis Singapore

Nursing Care for Osteomyelitis Singapore


Osteomyelitis is defined as the infestation of a microorganism in a bone that may cause infection. This can go beyond the bones and into the blood stream that may cause systemic infection. This condition is very common among children where the formation of bacteria lies in the lower and upper bone limbs. For the older age, the affected area related to the infection is the spine. Other people with comorbidities may also develop osteomyelitis. This is a curable illness with good prognosis due to new better patient interventions and management.

Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors

Several sign and symptoms of osteomyelitis are related to infection which includes of course high grade fever, swelling and tenderness (pain upon palpation) in the affected site of infection including the skin area, and lastly lethargy among the young ones affected.

Such cause of this medical condition or disease is due to a certain type of bacteria which is the staphylococcus bacteria. It can penetrate the bone in various ways such as the bloodstream, open wounds and lastly infected tissues. Due to a trauma of the skin, the bacteria can penetrate into the bones up to the blood stream which may cause acute or chronic infection.

The search for the risk factors of this form of bone infection is due to several form. A patient is at risk if he or she had a recent surgery, some impaired circulatory system disorders, impaired immune system and use catheter lines that may harbour harmful bacteria.

Nursing Care Plan for Patients with Osteomyelitis

Post nurse caring for a child or adult with osteomyelitis must be in accordance with an excellent nursing care plan. For proper physical diagnosis, the nurse should inform the patient about possible x-ray, CT scan and lastly a bone biopsy for pro per culture of the specimen. Once the organism is confirmed, antibiotic treatment can be initiated. This will usually run for about a month. Surgery is also an option to drain the infected pus inside the bone. In rare cases where the low limb cannot be healed, amputation is the only intervention. The nurse must therefore prepare the patient for any procedure. The nursing staff must also ensure proper vital signs taking and con tact the physician if there is any form of sepsis. Once healed, health teaching is of big help and favor. The patient must take care of his or herself by avoiding any traumatic objects that may cut or scrape his or her skin. Comment or teach also about proper cleansing of the wound area and application of antiseptic cream or solution.


Prevention can start at home. We must protect our children in such condition or teach them at least about first aid and proper cleansing. Oste omyelitis can be prevented and can also be cured through the wonders of antibacterial medications.

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