Nursing Care for Neonatal Singapore

Nursing Care for Neonatal Singapore


A neonate is defined as a newborn or a baby who is around 4 weeks old or up to 28 days old. It came from the word neo meaning new and natal meaning born. Thus the word newborn. Neonatal can be coined to any infant regardless if it was full term or preterm. Neonatal babies must be cared carefully by the parents. Pre-term neonates or infants must be left in the care and support of the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) nurses or nursing staff in the hospital until the baby is ready to thrive without accompanying complications.

The health of the infants can be tested in their first month as varying illness may surface such as gene abnormalities, herpes to name a few. Thus special caution must be provided to parents. The staff should also provide information, program, resources and cont act numbers if there is a clinical problem.

Nursing Care for Newborn

The nurse must be a professional or well-skilled in handling a newborn infant after cutting of the umbilical cord to bathing up to feeding. Every second counts. As much as possible, the nurse must give the cleansed infant to the mother after giving birth to provide psychology maternal bonding. Breastfeeding can also be done since it is very rich in antibodies called colostrum needed to fight infection.

If the mother has fully recovered from pregnancy, the nurse can do health teaching or health education about breastfeeding and feeding per demand. The parents must know that babies always search for food whenever they are crying so give it whenever the infants demand it.

The nurse can also teach the parents about the benefits of frequent touching of their infants which was based from community resea rch. They can find a time to do this by the use of positive touch and negative touch. The parents can practice this at home.

On the other hand, a critical infant patient must be placed in NICU to provide proper care. The level work in this area is quite advanced and patients may die anytime. Thus expert medical care, treatment and services must always be provided.


Being a nurse in this area is quite a rewarding career. You get to see the joy and pleasure of taking care of infants. Knowing that you are of great help or an instrument for them to thrive during their first few days or during their critical moment, is quite a feat throughout your careers. And as they grow to be children someday is a blessing to see.

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