Nursing Care for Mestectomy Singapore

Nursing Care for Mestectomy Singapore

What is Mastectomy?

The process of surgical removal of breast or breasts is called Mastectomy. It can be done to a woman or man like tom. Breast cancer is the leading cause for doctors to suggest this treatment. It inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells and has 5 types: Simple Mastectomy (breast except lymph node or nodes is removed), Preventive (breast is removed to reduce risk of cancer), Partial, Radical or Modified Radical Mastectomy. Although reports, several medical news articles and the press have recognized the effectiveness use of this procedure, outpatient care is still of utmost importance.

Nursing Care for Mastectomy Singapore

Patients who’ve undergone the surgery need the services of a nurse capable in handling such cases. A nurs e can develop nursing care plan tailored to the condition of the patient, including exercise and diet recommendations. They can work at the comforts of the patient’s home or assist patients in the hospital.

After Mastectomy, it’s the nurse responsibility to see to the injuries. Complications in the wounds could cause excessive bleeding or hemorrhage, not to mention the pain. Changes in muscle strength or mobility might be felt. Nurses will do regular health assessment and monitor vital signs especially when the incisions are still new. From these data, they’ll make proper recommendations and administer appropriate medicines, aiming to reduce the risk of infection and bring back patient’s health as soon as possible. They are trained too with several nursing interventions for pain.

Another issue that nurses must observe is the patient’s perceived body image. You must have read in an article online that some women or men feel a decrease in their self worth and sexual interest after mastectomy (might also be caused by hormonal changes). Nurses understand this, and will do their best to support and encourage their patients to have a positive life outlook. Should they see a need for more advanced psychological interventions, they can to help you find one.

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