Nursing Care for Maternity Singapore

Nursing Care for Maternity Singapore


During maternity, an expecting mother needs maternal care that’s more specialized. Employing the help of nurses is highly recommended. The health of the unborn baby depends on the health of its carrier. Before birth, complications can be a risk to the child, which must be addressed quickly. There are various levels of maternity care that happens before, during, and after childbirth.

How a Nurse can help?

The nurses’ job is to constantly monitor the pregnant woman prior to childbirth, identify possible risks, and then guide her on what steps to be taken to eliminate these. Medical emergencies will be taken care of as soon as possible when there’s a nurse. Since they provide Nursing Care for Maternity Singapore support all throughout the maternity phase, they can work at the comforts of the expecting mother’s home and just travel there by car. The role of maternity nurses is more emphasized during delivery. Women in labor have to be closely monitored. Working hand in hand with doctors and midwives, nurses will watch over the mother and the baby’s vital sign including heartbeat, blood pressure and contraction patterns. Those with long experience on maternity care could also help in pain management by thoroughly assessing the level of pain felt by the patient and then recommending effective practices to overcome it.

On the postpartum stage, nurses like RNA Anita, continue to make clinical assessments, and make sure to educate the new mother on proper hygiene like cleaning breast area before doing breastfeeding. Newborn babies likewise need extra care, and the nurse can guide the mother on the basics of this.

If the mother wants to hang out to celebrate with friends, like go swimming in the sea, the maternity nurse could even recommend safe product or products she can use to hasten disappearance of stretch marks, so she can go choose any swimwear she likes!

Where to find Good Nurses?

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